Anonymous said: WhereTF are youuuuuu?! You said you'd be gon for "just a week or two", and you've been M.I.A. for almost a year, now! BE has been back for 4 whole episodes. :( I read the whole blog, and I submitted a few, and now I need another BE fix. COME BAAAAAAAAACK!

I know, I’m sorry. I feel bad about disappearing. Ultimately, this blog just became too time-consuming for me and I was really tired of all of the conflict that arose from it. I got a lot of really nasty messages, and I was tired of everyone shooting the messenger, or so to speak, so I just gave up on it. I’m sure I wasn’t wholly innocent, but I do feel like I got more than my fair share of anger and blame, but I digress… I don’t really want to rehash events from several months ago. Anyway, I apologize for abandoning this blog, but it just became too much and I was tired of being the sort of scapegoat for every conflict within the fandom.

If anyone would like to start up their own BE confessions blog, they can of course please feel free! I’ve always maintained that confessions blogs can be quite fun and can be great for starting conversations, so if anyone out there is interested, I’d encourage you to start one up!

Richard, and Jimmy needed each other

Eva59 was asking about what Richard was doing at a vets hospital. Another blogger(clandestinetroublemaker) had said Jimmy was the worst thing to ever happen to Richard. Normally I let bloggers have their opinions, but in this instance I felt compelled to write on this. When we first saw Richard he was a man disfigured both physically, and spiritually. Jimmy immediately saw a kindred spirit. While most look at Richard with either shock, disdain, or pity Jimmy treated Richard as an equal. They shared a bond that only soldiers in combat know. Richard can’t find work, no one will hire him, but Jimmy gives him a job where his unique skills can be used. Were it not for Jimmy Richard might have gone through with his suicide. Likewise if Richard did not act as Jimmy’s conscience, he might have fallen completely under the influence of his dysfunctional parents. Richard was the last bastion of comfort to Jimmy before he met his fateful end, and Jimmy made Richard promise to find a way back from the war. Had Richard not met Jimmy he never would have known Angela who gave him hope to reconnect with people, nor would he have met Tommy, and I think it’s safe to say they too have a special bond. I shall always miss Jimmy. I would like to think Richard in his own way is keeping Jimmy alive along with Angela. One more point I would like to make. If jimmy hadn’t brought Richard back from Chicago Richard would have been a two, or three episode character, and I for one am grateful he has become a staple of the ensemble cast! He has brought us some beautiful moments!